How much of a b---- are you?

Hey are you a nice person? If u want to know, take this fun quiz to find out!! Let ur b---- shine. Im a b---- and i know it. Check it out check it out.

Hey do u know what a true b---- is!!! Well take this quiz to find out! Are u a b----? Come and join the fun Watcha waiting for this is gna be sweet

Created by: Lily

  1. What do you consider yourself?
  2. If someone pushes you down you....
  3. U fail a test...
  4. A kid laughs at u.....
  5. U find out that someone ate ur last dount....
  6. U drop a hammer on your foot....
  7. Someone steals ur food
  8. Did u like this quiz?
  9. Did u put honesty answers?
  10. Are u ready????

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Quiz topic: How much of a b---- am I?