How Much Internet Slang Do You Use?

Through the age of computer chatting and instant messaging, a certain brand of internet slang and lingo has evolved. Some use internet slang extensively well others look upon it with disgust!

Where do you fit in in regards to usage of internet slang. Are you overtly against internet slang? Do you uSe TyPiNg ThAt L00kS lYk ThIs?!?!?11 Or do you lie somewhere in between?

Created by: CrazyAl51033

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  1. The test is simple... Just select the phrase you are most likely to use in an online conversation.
  2. What do you use for laughter.
  3. You are having an IM conversation, when for some unspecified reason, you need to leave the computer for a couple minutes. You say to your friend...
  4. imho means...
  5. You're in a chat room and somebody PM's you with a/s/l.... How do you respond?
  6. Out of the following, which screen name would you be most likely to pick out. (In terms of format, not what the screen name actually is)
  7. If someone constantly uses bad grammar or poor punctuation, you...
  8. Do you have colored fonts on your instant messaging programs?
  9. Do you feel any sort of annoyance towards people who use excessive internet slang (e.g. tAwK lYk ThIs AlL dA tImE)
  10. Last Question. How do you greet people online?

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Quiz topic: How Much Internet Slang do I Use?