How much elsagate knowledge do you have,

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Elsagate is a YouTube series making bootleg cartoons about dc, marvel, Disney characters, Disney princesses and different things like that. Have you ever stumbled on one of those videos?

Have you watched elsagate? See if you can know about elsagate on being a fan of the series and also a guy of superheroes of marvel and Disney. 4/5 are Disney, 1/5 is Warner bros.

Created by: Ben10andMixelsJeremy
  1. What is elsagate mostly about?
  2. Who is elsa’s boyfriend?
  3. Is elsagate horror?
  4. What didn’t elsagate ruin?
  5. What Disney movie did not get ruined?
  6. Did elsagate make wrong heads videos of annoying orange?
  7. Did Elsagate ruin G1 Motormaster?
  8. Who is your favorite character?
  9. What is your favorite color?
  10. Last Question… what did elsagate started at?

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Quiz topic: How much elsagate knowledge do I have,