How Much Does Your Crush Like You? (Official Quiz)

Not sure if your crush likes you? We have all been there, and it is time to find out for sure. Sometimes, crushes can be confusing, but this quiz can help.

This quiz will tell you what percent your crush likes you back. Answer the questions honestly for an accurate result at the end. Hopefully you will know!

Created by: GRACE

  1. How Do People Describe You?
  2. How Often Does Your Crush Start Conversation With You?
  3. What Would You Say Your Current Relationship Is?
  4. Does He Ever Share Any Personal Information With You? (middle name, dreams, whats going on in their life...)
  5. Be honest... Do You Ever Catch Him Looking/Staring At You? If So...
  6. Do you get along with his friends?
  7. Do you have common interests?
  8. Does he ever make physical contact with you?
  9. Does he compliment you?
  10. Does he look at his guy friends when he's around you?

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Quiz topic: How Much Does my Crush Like You? (Official Quiz)