How much do you really like them?

People always think that they are the one. Just because you have some things in common doesn't mean anything. so common take the quiz, even if it's really wrong, it might actually be right. Try it and see if you think of them too much, or not enough. =D good luck.

DO you talk about them ALL the time? Are your friends pretty much fed up with it? Well see if you really do care about them. Wait do you actually like them as much as you think you do? Find out and see if you were right or wrong.

Created by: Brielle

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  1. When you hear they're name what goes on in your head?
  2. They come to you ask if you are going to that party on friday.
  3. When talking on aim or on the phone are you doing something else or paying all attention to them.
  4. When hanging out with all of your friends, do you seem to drift off and look in their direction?
  5. HOw often do you think of them?
  6. What would you do if you found out that they like you to?
  7. Why do you like them?
  8. Do you like to spend time with them?
  9. Do you lie to make them like you?
  10. Do you try to learn more about them.....

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Quiz topic: How much do I really like them?