How much do you love Luna Lovegood

Hello fellow potter heads, most of you probably won’t read this unless your a ravenclaw. So hello ravenclaws, I’m the maker of this quiz! Open your quibbler and put on your spec repects, cuz ur about to go on a wild journey through Hogwarts!

If you have any comments or anything else you’re welcomed to drop off your opinions down below! Have fun! And best wishes to you and the rest of the wizards!

Created by: Gia Lobotzke
  1. What nickname is hers?
  2. What is her necklace decorated with?
  3. What are her earrings?
  4. What look on her face does it seem like she has on?
  5. Who does Luna suspect
  6. Which one of Luna’s catchphrases gives off the most worry?
  7. What house is she in?
  8. What age did her mom pass away?
  9. What hobbie does Luna pick up?
  10. What book does her dad publish?
  11. Thanks for listening!

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Quiz topic: How much do I love Luna Lovegood