how much do you like k-pop?

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hello! here i will test how much of a k-pop fan you are! are you ready, let’s see! now, go see!!!!!! get ready to put your mind to the test! :D!!!!!!!

are you a k-pop fan? let’s take that to the test! i surely am, and don’t worry, these are all accurate! now, are you smart enough to know all the right answers?

Created by: k-pop fan forever
  1. who is blackpink's leader?
  2. how many members are in new jeans?
  3. has vcha debuted? (as if start of feb 2024)
  4. who sings “girls of the year”?
  5. why did blackpink debut?
  6. who said the meme “not bad but not good”
  7. when did new jeans debut?
  8. do you know who new jeans is?
  9. why do people hate on jennie from blackpink?
  10. what company is vcha in?

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Quiz topic: How much do I like k-pop?