How much do you know Spongebob?

okay lets just cut to the chase, i want my quiz to top everyone else and you want to notnbe bored and have a great quiz to take so take this quiz and

it will be a win win! so take this quiz along with all my other ones and youll be awesome like me. oh and tell your family and friends to take this quiz!

Created by: D3signnFreAkk

  1. what color is his eyes?
  2. what color is his tie?
  3. how many dots are on his face?
  4. The stripes on his socks are...
  5. In one episode he left bikini bottom to another city and the thing they hated the most was _______ .
  6. Spongebobs favorite game.
  7. ______ is his favorite thing in the world.
  8. Who is his best friend?
  9. what are the color of his dots?
  10. what color is garys shell?
  11. what color is krabs pants?
  12. what color is squidwards walls in his house?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Spongebob?