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Created by: Anonamous

  1. What is the Mud Wing Queen's name
  2. Who are the 2 queens that rule(d) 2 kingdoms?
  3. How many tribes are there including both Pyrrhia and Pantala?
  4. How many books are in the Wings Of Fire series that aren't spin-offs or add-ons?
  5. Who was the only king in Pyrrhian or Pantalian history?
  6. Who Won the War of SandWing Succession?/ Who did the Dragonets choose?
  7. What 3 tribes did the Dragonets Of Destiny's guardians come from?
  8. What animals were kept as pets throughout the entire series?
  9. What is the one tribe that isn't born with wings?
  10. How do NightWings acquire their powers?
  11. What were the 3 life forms that controlled the breath of evil?
  12. What can a dragon (MudWing) born from a blood-red egg do?

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