How Much Do You Know About (older) Video Games?

Think you know your stuff about video games? I doubt it, but give it a shot if you want. See if you can un-seat the gaming champ, Jeff Gertsman here, and if you do, I'll be impressed.

Ok, are you prepared? This isn't going to be easy unless you really know your stuff. Bring it on, boys, bring it on... (P. S. Don't cheat guys, cause that ain't cool.)

Created by: Jade
  1. In what year was the Nintendo Entertainment system launched in L. A.?
  2. In the game Knights of the Old Republic II, what is your main goal?
  3. How many Call of Duty packages have been released as of 2007?
  4. In Rainbow Six: Vegas, how many people including you are in your squad?
  5. In the game Driv3r, who do you play as?
  6. In the racing game, Burnout, what is the main attraction.
  7. In Halo PC, who acts as your aid?
  8. In the game, Condemned, what is the name of the serial killer you are hunting?
  9. In PGR 3, how many difficulty levels are there?
  10. In Gears of War, what was the main multiplayer attraction?
  11. In LOTR: Battle for Middle-Earth 2, what is the first mission on the GOOD CAMPAIGN?
  12. In Dead Rising, how many survivors are there at the beginning? (excluding you)
  13. And finally, in 007: EON, how does Jaws die?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About (older) Video Games?