How much do you know about Vegeta?

Vegeta.A character that has super powers. An anime character.Probaly not as famous as Naurato. This quiz will help you learn more about him. Not alot though.

So what do you know about Vegeta? Do you know the basics,practically everything abot him,or did you take this quiz and not even know who he is.You can now find out.

Created by: Amy

  1. Which show is Vegeta from?
  2. Is he an alien?
  3. If you said yes, what type of alien is he?
  4. Married?
  5. If you said yes, to who?
  6. Married or not, did he have children
  7. If you said yes, give me their names
  8. Fathers name
  9. Brothers/sisters
  10. If yes, give me his/her name

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Vegeta?