How much do you know about Thor:Ragnarok?

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Thor is my favourite superhero. He's an Avenger, of course, but he is also a Norse god. My all-time favourite Thor movie is Ragnarok. Are you still here?

Anyway, I made this quiz because that Ragnarok is a great quiz topic. So, enjoy! (Side note: if you don’t know Thor, you can proceed. Understand? Hello?)

Created by: a weirdo
  1. Hela: Tell me, brother. What were you the _ of, again?
  2. Sakaar speakers: You are now _ the Headmaster.
  3. What do the aliens say when Thor lands?
  4. Who saves Thor? (Or, rather, puts him in more danger)
  5. Who is the scariest, most powerful villain?
  6. What realm strengthens Hela?
  7. Um sorry but now I have to make longer questions….
  8. Right after Odin’s death, a swirl of green light appears. Thor and Hela quickly change clothes. The evil Loki emerges and says, so he’s gone! I wish I could have seen that.
  9. Who replaced the great Heimdall when Loki accused him of treason?
  10. How many girlfriends does that person own? (Hint: they’re scared of dragons)
  11. And finally, which of these did Skurge NOT say?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Thor:Ragnarok?