How much do you know about the Cook Islands?

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Fifteen tiny specks in the vastness of the South Pacific, but how much do you know about the Cook Islands? This just for fun quiz tests your knowledge (and one of the answers is in this paragraph)

There are 20 multiple-choice questions about all of the Islands. How many will you get right?. Find out if you're a kuki or just cooky? Either way...enjoy

Created by: John Roberts of A guide to all of the Cook Islands
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  1. Which of the Cook Islands is the capital?
  2. How many islands are there in the Cook Islands?
  3. All Cook Islanders are also citizens of which other country?
  4. Who is the Head of State?
  5. Where is One Foot Island?
  6. How many of the Cook Islands are uninhabited all year round?
  7. Which Island is owned by the descendants of a 19th century Englishman?
  8. Which is the only island to have fresh water lakes?
  9. Who discovered Aitutaki?
  10. Which Island is called "the land of the birds"?
  11. What is a kopeka?
  12. Which island is also known as Tongareva?
  13. Which island is famous for producing black pearls?
  14. Tivaevae (tivaivai) is a traditonal craft for making what?
  15. Which Island has a church that's was literally divided down the centre by a brick wall when it was first built?
  16. The Cook Islands were originally called what?
  17. What would you do with a pareu?
  18. Which Island supposedly has buried treasure that still hasn't been found?
  19. When did the Cook Islands become an independent nation?
  20. Roughly how far is it from the furthest south island to the furthest north?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the Cook Islands?