How much do you know about sharks?

Do you know a lot about sharks? Well, if you don't know, then you might want to take this test to find out. If you just guess, you might want to research the topic before you take a guess.

Some of the answers are automatically given away for some people. For some people, they're not. some questions you may know, off the bat of not, for some, maybe not. Test if you are any of those people here!

Created by: Mace the Cat

  1. How many species are there?
  2. How long ago did sharks come about?
  3. What's the great white's scientific name?
  4. Are sharks related to rays?
  5. How many gills can sharks have?
  6. Which shark is the second biggest?
  7. How many rows of teeth do sharks have?
  8. How sensitive is a shark's sense of smell?
  9. How good was a Megalodon's bite force?
  10. This question is going to be hard: When does a Swell shark hatch?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about sharks?