How much do you know about my favorites?

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Do you know me? You do! Then take this quiz to find out how much you know about MY favorites! I hope you get good results! Have a good day! Rate and Comment!

Random Useless facts: Canda is the 2nd Largest country in the world. A baby is born every seven seconds. India has a lot of people in it...DUH! I am a girl.

Created by: Wooden Bridge

  1. I love art.
  2. My Dream Job/Jobs Hint:I like Colors
  3. Favorite Weather:
  4. Favorite food out of these:
  5. By the Way, When I ask about Favorite 'something', I mean MY favorite, not yours. So you better change the options quickly if you chose your favorite.
  6. My favorite fruit out of these: Hint:It's red
  7. My favorite season:
  8. My favorite book series out of these:
  9. Favorite Male Anime character:
  10. My favorite Drink: Hint: I oppose alcohol
  11. Favorite Sweet:
  12. My favorite Anime Show:
  13. My favorite Kind of lanscape: Hint:I like Greens and Blues
  14. I think I'll stop here. My favorite words:

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about my favorites?