How much do you know about minecraft?

How big is your Minecraft knowledge? Take this quiz to find out! Except from your skills you need to know the basic. Comment your result if you want .

Note: this is about your knowledge. If you want to find out how good are you, search "Are you a Minecraft pro?".I hope you will enjoy the quiz. :):):)

Created by: skotinoulis
  1. When did Minecraft released?
  2. When did bees added to minecraft?
  3. What is the strongest ore at 1.16?
  4. What ore added in 1.17?
  5. Who made Minecraft?
  6. Enough with History. What do you need to find a stronghold?
  7. What does killing the Ender dragon gives you?
  8. You can trade with...
  9. What mob is in Minecraft?
  10. What is easier to break with your hand?
  11. What is the most important material?
  12. What can save you from fall damage?
  13. What is the final boss?
  14. Where can you find a wither?
  15. How many Nether fortresses are there in a world?
  16. When do you beat the game?
  17. What do you break quickly with a shovel?
  18. You can use lapis lazuli to...
  19. When you have bad omen and you ender a village what happens?
  20. Last one: what can you consume to remove poison efects?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about minecraft?