How Much Do You Know About Lord Of The Rings?

Hello World. So This My First Quiz But Don't Judge It By The Title. I'm A 14 Year Old Girl Who Was Bored And This Idea Just Popped Into My Head And I Was Like Why Don't I Give It A Try?

The Knowledge Of J.R.R. Tolkien's Masterpiece Is Fading Away With The 21st Centuary. Only A Few Of Us, Nerds, Held On To It. Even At That Many Of Us Still Don't Remember Some Details. Claim You're A Fan Of LOTR, Then Take This Quiz.

Created by: Petragirl

  1. What Was Frodo's Undercover Name In Bree
  2. How Old Was Bilbo
  3. What Was Gollum's Real Name
  4. What Was Aragon's Undercover Name
  5. How Many People Were Members Of The Fellowship
  6. "Great! Where Are We Going?" Who Said This?
  7. Who Were Peregin Took And Meriadoc Brandybuck?
  8. Who Killed The Nazgul?
  9. What Was The Name Of The Kind Ent?
  10. With What Demon Did Gandalf Fall With Into Shadow?
  11. _______ And _______ Kept Count Of How Many Orcs They Killed In Battle
  12. "Look To My Coming On The Fifth Day, At Dawn Look To The East." Who Said This?
  13. One Ring To _______ Them All, One Ring To _______ Them, One Ring To _______ Them All, And In The _______ Bind Them.

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Lord Of The Rings?