How much do you know about Into the Prophecies? EASY

Hi! I'm Kittycakeuwu, even though said I might not post another quiz, here it is! I might try to post a quiz twice or once a week, or take a break, and I hope you guys understand.

This quiz is fairly easy, Book 1-4, Into the Prophecies. If you want to waste time, this is the quiz for you! I also reccomend this to any Warrior cats fan! Not for those who don't know about Warrior cats.

Created by: Kittycakeuwu

  1. Who is the leader of Thunderclan in the first series in book one?
  2. What is the main characters name?
  3. What happened to Spottedleaf?
  4. Why did Tigerclaw leave Thunderclan?
  5. Who is Graystripe mates with?
  6. Who was Bluestar mates with?
  7. Who took Spottedleaf's place?
  8. Who is Fireheart's apprentice who isn't injured?
  9. What happened to Shadowclan in Rising Storm?
  10. What clan did Graystripe go to?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Into the Prophecies? EASY