How much do you know about harry potter?

There are billions of questions about Harry Potter and so many quizzes on it, so why don't you try out this quiz :) so you can find out how much you know about Harry Potter.

So are you really a true potterhead? Do you really know that much? Until now you don't know. So try this quiz, remember it's just for fun to see if you know lots or little.

Created by: Simithepickle

  1. When is Harry's birthday ?
  2. What is Voldemorts real name?
  3. Who are the contestants in the Triwizard tournament?
  4. What can Remus Lupin turn into?
  5. What does Dumbledore mean?
  6. Who are in the 'silver trio'?
  7. What was the first. Hourcrux to be destroyed?
  8. Who does Ron kiss in the Half Blood Prince?
  9. What are gold wizard coins called?
  10. What is Luna's dad called?
  11. What does Hagrid have as a pet in the philosophers stone?
  12. Who is Percy Weasleys girlfriend?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about harry potter?