How much do you know about Harry Potter?

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Welcome to the ULTIMATE Harry Potter quiz, 10 tricky questions awsit you, do you have the knowledge of Hermione or are you as intelligent as Crabbe and Goyle?

I hope that you enjoy this quiz! At the end don't hesitate to leave comments that help improve my quiz because I would get upset, I'd love to make it perfect! Remember, no cheating quills!!

Created by: Louis (Crazylama8)

  1. Starting with a tricky one! In the Half Blood Prince, Ron uses Fred and George's Spell Checking quills, but for Ron the spell was wearing off. What did the quill make Rons' name?
  2. In his apparation exam, why does Ron fail?
  3. Where does Harry first catch the golden snitch?
  4. Sirius Black first sees Peter Pettigrew whilst in Azkaban in a photo of Rons' family where?
  5. What is the first potion that Harry makes whilst in Slughorns potion class?
  6. Harry first goes into Dumbledores office in which book?
  7. Do muggles know about the wizarding world?
  8. Which is the first house ever to be mentioned in the books?
  9. How was Daniel Radcliffe picked to play Harry?
  10. The first memory in Harry and Dumbledores private meeting is from...

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Harry Potter?