How much do you know about FNaF 1-Ultimate Custom Night?

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Do you think you know a lot about Five Nights at Freddy's? Take this quiz and answer questions on the first seven games from FNaF to FNaF Ultimate Custom Night.

Can you get a good score? Find out by taking this twenty five question quiz and see how much you know! Let's hope we learn more facts in Security Breach!

Created by: Christian Meeks
  1. What is the name of the resturant you guard?
  2. What is the FNaF 1 Night guard's first name?
  3. What is the Night Guard's last name in FNaF 1?
  4. What two animatronics groan once entering your office while the cameras are up?
  5. What is the name of the first "Hoax" image created for the game?
  6. Final FNaF 1 question, in the game files, what is the first name of "Golden Freddy"?
  7. What month was FNaF 2 released?
  8. What animatronic needs the flashlight to make them go away?
  9. How many animatronics, counting the shadow characters, are in FNaF 2 total?
  10. What do you have in your office to defend yourself from most of the animatronics?
  11. As Jeremy Fitzgerald, how much money do you receive after night 5?
  12. In the extras of FNaF 3, what is the only character skipped over?
  13. What is the name of the man stuck inside Springtrap?
  14. In FNaF 3, you have to play a few hidden minigames a certain way to get the "Good Ending". Which of these is NOT a minigame?
  15. In FNaF 4, what is the only Nightmare animatronic with no Un-Nightmare counterpart in the games?
  16. In the night 5 end minigame, what is the order of the masked bullies from left to right?
  17. In the Sister Location teaser trailer, what is the order of the characters lit up by the spotlights one by one?
  18. In Sister Location, what character can be seen with an "Illusion Disk" on their endoskeleton torso?
  19. What is Ennard made of?
  20. At the end of the week you are awarded a gift basket, what does the basket you get have in it?
  21. In Pizzeria Simulator, which of these is NOT an animatronic you can salvage?
  22. In the catalog, what is the only way you can unlock the jar of pickles, the only item with a happiness meter?
  23. In UCN, what does setting Golden Freddy at 1 and everyone else at 0, then using the death coin when he enters the office trigger?
  24. Who has the longest death monolouge?
  25. If you have a brand new game of both UCN and FNaF World and then go to the Old Man Consequences minigame in UCN and drown yourself, what happens in FNaF world?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about FNaF 1-Ultimate Custom Night?