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Hi this is a quiz about bobs burgers obviously,and uhm anyway I hope you enjoy this quiz it’s the only good quiz I’ve ever made and uhm anyway lol idk

what to say it’s just a quiz to test your knowledge about bobs burgers if your a expert like me!you should get 60% or higher I’ve been watch for 4+ years

Created by: TeaTime

  1. In the first episode of bobs burgers “Human Flesh” how much did bob charge a burger to the club that ate burgers?
  2. How many kids do the belchers have?
  3. What does Louise wear on her head in every episode?
  4. Which belcher is a huge fan of music?
  5. Which of these words would Linda’s sister gayle describe herself as
  6. What business is ALWAYS next to bobs burgers?
  7. Who is bobs rivals?
  8. How much does the burger of the day usually cost?
  9. What company van appears in every episode
  10. Kuchi Kopi started out as what?
  11. What color is the outside of the restaurant
  12. Who is bobs best friend
  13. Who does Tina have a crush on?
  14. What is bob allergic to?
  15. You like crepes? (Answer doesn’t affect results)

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Bobs Burgers