How much do you know about Blink 182?

Blink 182, In my opinion, is the best band to ever walk this planet. They deserve to win best band award if there is even such a thing. They are funny, and so adorable. They have gotten so far in thier career and have achieved so much. Not only has thier popularity grown of the years, but thier message and them as people have, too. I am so proud of thier success, and they deserve so much love!

If you think you know Blink 182, just take this quiz, it'll let you know if you really do or not. I recomend studying before taking it, some questions are quite difficult and might take some time to answer. Do your best, and think hard, i know you've got it in you.

Created by: Kelly
  1. Some semi-hidden lyrics: What does Mark say at the very beginning of 'The Party Song'
  2. One more semi-hidden lyric: At about 40 seconds into the song Online Songs, what does Mark scream when the music briefly pauses?
  3. Why did they have to change the name from 'Blink' to 'Blink 182'?
  4. True or false- Mark sings in a Simple Plan song.
  5. Which of thier songs is one the CD 'Atticus: Dragging The Lake 3'?
  6. Which of these is false?
  7. On 'The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show' CD, what song was it in that They had to stopped playing so Mark could prepare for a bass solo?
  8. What song did Tom write about him getting suspended from school?
  9. Finish the lyric: "I brought a reminder...."
  10. Mark helped produce which of the following bands?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Blink 182?