How Much Do You Know About Black Celebrities Quiz

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well i love this quiz. I think yuoll enjoy it. since i am black, thats not the reason why this quiz is, how much do you know about black celebrities i am not being racis.

Created by: Donald of Black Celebs
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  1. What was the group Justin Timberlake was in berfore he was a solo singer (even though he's white)?
  2. Who sings Single Ladies (put a ring on it)?
  3. At superbowl XXXVIII Janet Jackson's boob came out?
  4. Tyler perry wrote the movie This Christmas?
  5. Anthoney Anderson is in Law & Order?
  6. Nia Long is in what animated show?
  7. What dance does every black person know how to do?
  8. What black/white singer inspierd a lot of singers
  9. Destiney Childs sings Bootylicious
  10. Did you tell harpo to beat me is from what 1985 movie come out?

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