How Much Do You Actually Know About HTTYD?

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This quiz will determine if you are a true HTTYD fan! Toothless and Hiccup would be very proud of you! I am a Dragon Trainer/ Rider! I was once Queen of my own Dragon Lands!

If you get this right, you are a true Dragon Rider!!! I was also in the National Guard & CSI! I own the king of all dragons. His name is Ebony- a Night Fury…

Created by: Luna Rose
  1. What type of Dragon is Stormfly?
  2. What is Hiccup’s mom’s Sanctuary called?
  3. Who hunted Night Furies?
  4. What do you call the offspring of a Night Fury & a Light Fury?
  5. What dragon needed a prosthetic tail?
  6. What was the village Hiccup lives in?
  7. Do Dragon Scales shed?
  8. Who was the actual author of How to Train Your Dragon?
  9. Did Cloudjumper attack Valka?
  10. Was the original Toothless big or small in the book?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Actually Know About HTTYD?