How much are you like me!

Hi I made this quiz cause I'm bored and I'm a loner, ok I'm not a loner but I lie to talk and fry eggs on the side walk but I can't do that where I live

Any who part two of my series 'love is true for you' is out if you havn't seen part one then you should cause I tried and I don't get encouragement from others

Created by: lovelifelive

  1. What word describes you best
  2. What is you stereotype
  3. What song do you listen to a lot
  4. Do you swear a lot
  5. Do u spend most of your time on a computer
  6. You are dreaming... If you 'boyfriend' in the dream broke up with u what woulda do in the dream
  7. What coloured is your hair
  8. Do you want to dye ur hair red or any other colour
  9. What ur fave animal
  10. Have u accidentally drawn some thing on ur hand and realized you did it with a perminant pen
  11. Now last see ur results.................................... THINK FAST!!!!!

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Quiz topic: How much am I like me!