How Many People Wish To Kill You?

There are many haters and lovers in the world. But who hates you enough to kill you? If you want to take caution on what you say and do, take this quiz to find out what you must do.

Are you hated or loved! Take this quiz and youll find out! Thanks to this quiz find out who hates you enough to kill you! it will only take a minute to find out who your real friends are...

Created by: Grace Peltier

  1. Do you have a lot a friends?
  2. Do you hate more than 3 people?
  3. Have you every purposely injured someone?
  4. Have people purposely injured you?
  5. Does someone stare at you and give you mean glares on the daily?
  6. Do you have suicide thoughts and if so, do you tell people?
  7. Have you almost died before?!
  8. Are you good in school?
  9. Has a person you knew been murdered?
  10. Are you ready to see the resault

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