How long will you survive the hunger games?

The hunger games in when 24 teens aged 12-18 fight to the death in a forest arena. They are randomly selected at a ceremony were one boy and one girl are chosen. It ends when one person is standing

You were just chosen to compete in the hunger games. You feel nervous because you can die easily in it. They have game-makers that control the game so anything can happen. Do you have what it takes to win this?

Created by: Elyse
  1. The cannon goes and the game has started. What do you do first?
  2. Your in the forest what is the first thing you do?
  3. You see a group of armed tributes near you. They haven't seen you yet. What do you do
  4. You see a large bush with red berries on it. You are very hungry but you don't know is they are poisoned or not. What do you do.
  5. Are you over 12 years old?
  6. How active are you
  7. Your weapon of choice
  8. Are you fast, strong or smart?
  9. Would you be allied with someone?
  10. What is the one thing you have to get to win
  11. What kind of person are you
  12. The game makers have set wolfs to come and attack you. What do you do
  13. You just won the hunger games what do you do now
  14. Did you like this quiz
  15. Potato.

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Quiz topic: How long will I survive the hunger games?