how lazy are you

There are many many people out there that are lazy but are you one of them?find out to see if your lazy or not! and plz rate/comment thanks! also while you take this or after you take this quiz listen to the lazy song by bruno mars!!

are you lazy? do you not want to do anything???*plays a song* today i dont feel like doing anything i just want to lay in my that you or not just go down take the quiz and find out

Created by: fufe123

  1. do you watch t.v alot
  2. are you a busy bee
  3. if i gave you work to do would you do it
  4. your mom or dad told you to go to the store would you
  5. do today do you feel like to do anything
  6. will you rate
  7. will you comment
  8. do you like the lazy song by bruno mars
  9. byeee preson!
  10. haha got you know for real bye

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Quiz topic: How lazy am I