how lame/gay are you!!!

there is millions of lame and cool peps are you lame or mega cool, well are you huh huh!! whats a lame some one who text alot with no replys,,hahah so are you cool??

do you think your lame no well this test will tell you so,, cause who knows you could be lame and never ever ever know,, so tek it, take it NOW!!!!!!!!

Created by: alexis

  1. Do you party alot
  2. do you try rapping or singing?
  3. do you text your friends?
  4. Are you ALWAYS home?
  5. like to talk alot
  6. like snookie on jersey shore
  7. who sings how to love?
  8. how lame do you think you are
  9. do you like the name austin
  10. are you clumsy

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Quiz topic: How lame/gay am I!!!