How Italian are You?

There are Italians... and those who want to be Italians. LOL If you think you are Italian, or have a little Italian in you, and you think you know what Italy is in the people it cultivates.. Try this. You cant do that bad... Italians are famous, so everyone knows how they are. Come and try this small little quiz.

Do you think you have what it takes to be in The Family? Italians are close to their blood and kin. They love good food cooked with love, and a nice piece of Hot Italian Sausage! lol

Created by: Kell
  1. How many vowels do you have in your name?
  2. What does "Go to the mattresses mean?"
  3. What is the name of the real strip club that the Sopranos is taped in, in NJ?
  4. What is your favorite food to eat?
  5. Who is Adrian?
  6. What order do the colors on the Italian flag go in?
  7. Does your last name end in a vowel?
  8. Where were the steps that Sylvester Stallone climbed in Rocky?
  9. Do you believe that family always comes first?
  10. If you had to chose... sauce or gravy ...which would it be?

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Quiz topic: How Italian am I?