How internationalist are you?

This is my first quiz and is part of a broader series that will try to find where you stand on certain issues from national to international issues, economic, morality etc.

This quiz will focus on militarism and pacifism. If you are a pacifist it means you support less warfare and more peace. If you support militarism you are not supporting war but the importance of guns. Actually it focuses on isolationism or internationalism

Created by: Botan Gabriel
  1. Free Trade
  2. Embassies
  3. International Organizations
  4. Interventionism
  5. International Aid
  6. Refugees
  7. Border control
  8. Immigration
  9. Emigration
  10. Passports
  11. Foreign marriages
  12. Double nationality
  13. Nationality
  14. International laws
  15. In case of a war
  16. Foreign investments
  17. Global cooperation on issues

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Quiz topic: How internationalist am I?