how headcanonned is your character?

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Created by: sole
  1. is your character from a book or a medium where there aren't any graphical representations of them?
  2. have you ever swapped your character's role? (ex: hero to villain)
  3. are some of your headcanons inspired by another fan's?
  4. have your ever changed your character's personality? (ex: kind to selfish?
  5. have you ever raceswapped your character?
  6. what are the major graphic differences between the original character and the headcannoned one?
  7. when do you feel the most free to add an headcanon to your character?
  8. what has stopped you from adding a headcanon to your character?
  9. have you ever gave a power to your character that wouldn't be possible in the universe they're in?
  10. Has your character ever been raceswapped or similiar in a modern sequel/prequel? if yes, do you use:

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Quiz topic: How headcanonned is my character?