How Good Of A Friend Am I?

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I don't really like writing paragraphs so I am just going to make this quick, my quiz is based on how good of a friend you are and how bad of a friend you are.

Thank you so much for reading part of my boring paragraph up there ^ and now it is time for another boring part of the paragraph down here... ugh I have nothing to write ;-;

Created by: Ava
  1. Are you nice to all of your friends?
  2. How often do you play with your friends?
  3. Are you mean to your friends?
  4. Do you help your friends?
  5. Do you ever start drama or spread rumors about your friends?
  6. Are your friends ever nice to you?
  7. What word would you describe your friend as?
  8. Are you glad to have your friends?
  9. Do your friends leave you out of their conversations?
  10. Are you nervous about what your score will be on this quiz?

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