How Good Of A Directioner Are You?

In this quiz we are going to include Zayn Malik Still. Do you know if you are really a true directioner? Find out here in this quiz. Sorry if it is to much.

There will be a part two so I hope you guys enjoys and Try to score high. Also if you want to see my website for directioners I will leave it in the note after the quiz.

Created by: pitbull77
  1. Which member is afraid of spoons?
  2. Which mate from the boy band is having a child? (2016)
  3. Who decided to quit One Direction? (We Still Love Him)
  4. Finish these lyrics: I, will, drive pass your house __________________________________ I'll see who's around.
  5. What Song Does These Lyrics Go To? Maybe it's the way she walked, (Owww!) Straight into my heart and stoll it, through the doors and passed the guards, (Oww!) Just like she already owned it!
  6. Who is the youngest in the group?
  7. Who is the oldest in the Band?
  8. Which mate choose the band name?
  9. Who created the band?
  10. How Long is their brake going to be? (2016)

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Quiz topic: How Good Of A Directioner am I?