how good is your OC?

hello this is the quiz where you test your OC's skills and personality and skills and put them into a quiz to see if they are good or not yeah just do this

NOTE: I am no character critic cause my critic skills are as high as a rejected Disney character that watched too much sesame street no really they are

Created by: why should YOU care?
  1. is your OC male or female?
  2. is your OC the romantic type?
  3. does your OC ever get revived?
  4. is your OC hero or villain?
  5. final question is your OC from antoher world/universe or galaxy?
  6. ok apparently I can only have 10 questions at least so is your species for your OC rare?
  7. is your OC OP?
  8. ...fgatas/djxlekskdomgfar
  9. what does your OC wear?
  10. ok, the actual final question is your character a fan character?

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Quiz topic: How good is my OC?