How Good Are You At Harry Potter Quiz's?

I've done another Harry Potter Quiz!. But this one is different!. Come on its fun, takes 5 minutes of your important time!. So wanna click like 20 times? To see your results?!. Well Then do it!

Don't you love Harry Potter!? Come on who doesn't!? (Uh a lot of people idiot..) Don't juge its true. Tho I Love Harry Potter!. So come on try it! I hope you get the best score!

Created by: Clara Jade
  1. What Was The First Harry Potter Book That Dobby First Appeared in?
  2. Witch Vault Is Harry Potter's In The First Movie?
  3. What's Neville's Frog's Name?
  4. What Movie Does Neville Kill A Snake?
  5. Witch Movie Does Ron Almost Die From A Drink?
  6. Witch Movie Does Lord Voldemort Return Human?.
  7. Witch Movie Is Hagrid's Promotion?
  8. Who Play's Voldemort (Don't Juge Me For My Choice's)
  9. What Are The Name's Of Ron And Heromione's Kids Names
  10. Who Plays Luna LoveGood?
  11. When Was the last Movie Made?
  12. What's Harry Potter Life. (Troll Question, You should answer.)

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Quiz topic: How Good am I At Harry Potter Quiz's?