How Fen are you?

The Fens have seen many "outsiders" move in over the last 50 years. How do you rate in how "Fen" you are? Test your knowledge of the fens and test your understanding of the Fen way of life!

Are YOU a Fen Tiger or just a Fen kitten? Find out just how Fen you are by taking this short quiz - maybe you'll be surprised. Take the quiz now and find out for sure!!

Created by: Fenlander
  1. Tractors and farm machinery on the roads are
  2. The ship of the Fens means
  3. A bank is
  4. Fen landscapes are
  5. A trip to London is
  6. Mud on the road from the fields is
  7. Dwile Flonking is
  8. What would you do with a docky?
  9. If you were in a holt you would be
  10. Slodgers, Camels and Yellow-bellies are all names for

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Quiz topic: How Fen am I?