How fascist are you?

The fascism test is no official test, like the F-Scale. It is how an observer views fascism and rates people based on their view. Please enjoy this test as I will enjoy people taking them!

I apologize for any bias, offence caused to groups of people, the fact I couldn't find a better "normie" character people admire than Sheldon, or the fact this quiz is low-quality.

Created by: Bepis

  1. It is class and not nationality that separates people in society.
  2. I support my nation whether it is right or wrong.
  3. Modern society is not an example of progress, it is actually an example of decay.
  4. Humanity is not separated into races, we are all one race.
  5. Communism is an idea that should be tolerated or implemented.
  6. Imperialism is an idea that should be tolerated or implemented.
  7. I was happy with my nation, but I am disappointed with it now.
  8. While I don't like other views, they should be allowed in my ideal society.
  9. My race or religion is superior and better developed than other people's.
  10. I am religious.
  11. Benito Mussolini was a great man.
  12. Adolf Hitler was a great man.
  13. Francisco Franco was a great man.
  14. Joseph Stalin was a great man.
  15. I am homosexual.
  16. I am not European or of European descent
  17. I most admire:
  18. I enjoyed this quiz.

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Quiz topic: How fascist am I?