How evil are you?

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Hello! This is a good or evil quiz. As always this quiz might be inaccurate so don’t get mad at me if you get an unwanted answer. I bet most people won’t even read this, so if you are, thank you!

Don’t forget to answer honestly. It’s not like I can see a real time thing of you taking this. Thank you for choosing this quiz today! Don’t forget to share your thoughts and check out my other quizzes! Have fun! Bye!

Created by: Quiz whiz

  1. Hello! Before we begin remember that none of the pictures in this quiz are mine
  2. Is there at least one person in your life that you want to watch suffer?
  3. Have you ever littered before? Be honest
  4. What word did you see in the title picture?
  5. Let’s imagine that you are a in school. Someone walks by you and pushes you against the wall causing you to drop all of your things. They don’t say sorry. You were already late for class whaat do you do?
  6. Favorite color? (It had to be asked)
  7. Has anyone at any point called you evil?
  8. How much self control do you have?
  9. Have you ever made fun of anyone, wether digitally or in real life? Be honest
  10. Would you do a job that includes harming other people for profit if they paid you a lot of money?
  11. Will you check out my other quizzes?
  12. If a person you didn’t like failed at something would you be happy?
  13. Ready for your answers? (Remember this quiz is most likely inaccurate)

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Quiz topic: How evil am I?