how emo/scene are you?!

there are many people in this world but are you emo/scene?! No one can change that but you can find out here! This is fun and i guess its intertaining!

are YOU emo/scene?! do you have what it take to be one?! have you ever thought of your self as being emo/scene ?! have people ever thought you were ?! Well find out here if you truthly are?!

Created by: hunneyhunney!

  1. Do you know what T.D.W.P mean?!
  2. what do you lisen to the most?!
  3. can you live with out eyeliner?!
  4. Would you dye ur hair purple?!
  5. do you have more than+100 friends on myspace?!
  6. do you HAVE a myspace?!
  7. how is ur hair?!
  8. Do you know who all time low is?!
  9. do you use large word to describe things sometimes?!
  10. do u wear band shrits !!!
  11. what about shirts with wierd stuff on it (like cupcakes, peace stuff , random stuff ex.)?!
  12. are u a loner?!
  13. do you like csi?!
  14. can you screamo?!
  15. whats ur fav color?!
  16. Do u consider ur self attractive?!
  17. at school do you pay attention?!
  18. last question do you shop at hot topic , zumerz ,vans others stores like that?!

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Quiz topic: How emo/scene am I?!