How emo or girly are you?

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There are many emos girlys and others and these are for the emos and girly girls see if your a poser or a accual emo or a girly girl you tell me leave some comments about what you got :D we apperciate you if you took the quiz and got a 100% ^_^

Are YOU a emo or a girly girl? do you have the instincs to prove your a emo ot a girly girl? You have alot of time to answer in a few minutes you will see your results!

Created by: EmoAngel360
  1. What hair style would you perfer?
  2. do you like vampires or unicorns? (EW! unicorns are ugly!)
  3. what color of hair would you choose bettween pattered and black with any light colors
  4. do you like emos or girly girls?
  5. what do you think of love?
  6. do you think your popular?
  7. Does being popular matter?
  8. are you sleepy? cause im not
  9. do you like the taste of blood?
  10. the last question...are you a potato...or a french fry..

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Quiz topic: How emo or girly am I?