How East Coast (USA) Are You

Have you ever wondered if you are truly East Coast at heart? Or if you belong somewhere else? Take this quiz to find out in less than two minutes!!!!!

This is the official East Coast Quiz. The results should be pretty accurate, but if not, tell us your score and what state you actually live in so we can update to be the best that we can be!

Created by: NC-Quiz

  1. Pronounce Water
  2. How do you say Puma concolor?
  3. Marmota monax
  4. What State Do You Live In?
  5. What Disney Resort Have You Gone To Or Want To?
  6. How do you say what Coke is?
  7. Choose A Cruise Destination
  8. Choose A Cold State to Visit
  9. Choose an Animal
  10. Choose a time of day
  11. Choose a Scenario
  12. Choose a Letter
  13. Did you like this quiz?

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