How do you feel about your mum?

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Welcome to my quiz. You're probably taking it right now to see how you feel about your mum. Do you despise her, or do you love her? Well, you'll see once you've taken this quiz.

So, you'll find out! Everything in this quiz is 100% true, but anyway, I hope you'll love my quiz (as well as the questions). So, why don't you get started?

Created by: Molly Russel
  1. Do you feel discomfort when you're with her?
  2. If you could send her to anywhere in the world, where would you?
  3. Do you often fight?
  4. Do find yourself crying in your bedroom because she's said something or done something silly that's made you upset?
  5. Does she yell at you often?
  6. Your mum walks into the room. What do you think?
  7. Have you ever dreamed of killing your mom or just hurting her severely?
  8. When your mom talks to you what are you usually thinking?
  9. If you could trade your mom or anything in the world, would you?
  10. If your mom and something you loved very much were stuck in the middle of the ocean, but you only had room in your boat for one. Who would you save?
  11. If you found out that she died, how would you feel?
  12. Do you hate her?

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Quiz topic: How do I feel about my mum?