How do you act in life

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There are many weird and normal people around world we can't not tell how much it really is but we know that everyone is important even you are weird or something bad because you help someone you might even never know.

Are you weird or normal or cool you can find out how if you are weird,normal or cool so do this quiz is a perfect quiz for you if you want to know about you.

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  1. #1 What food you eat?
  2. #2 Do you have any weird friends?
  3. #3 Out of 1-10 how smart weird and cool you are
  4. #4 What movies and tv shows you watch?
  5. #5 Would you rather have really bad pizza or weird food?
  6. #6 How many times you were told on for being annoying and weird
  7. #7 How do you make shots at basketball
  8. #8 How do you hit the volleyball? Girls only!
  9. #9 What's 2x three x 16
  10. #10 Will you rate,like,and comment?

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Quiz topic: How do I act in life