how do i know if my crush wants to go on a date with me

you may love to learn but are you using it to help other people like kids by teaching them and instructing them the kids right in front of you can be our future president or a teacher

do you have the guts to get out their and help our kids out their are some who can't read or write but if you step in and help them you can be helping that little kid or kids what if they can't afford school then what are going to do then . well I will tell you what you need to do you need to see if can go to that little kid's house and help him/her their

Created by: shelby comemings

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  1. does he look at you during school?
  2. how does he react when he looks at you?
  3. how often does he look at you
  4. how much older he is then you?
  5. does he like some of the stuff you like?
  6. how close are you to him
  7. have you guys gone out on a date before
  8. how often does he talk to you
  9. has he every bought any thing for you
  10. dose he ever say how pretty you look

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