How Depressed Are You?

Want to know if you're depressed? Take this quiz. No one should be depressed. This quiz is just meant for fun, not as the way to decide whether or not to talk to a therapist.

(WARNING: Just because you get a test result doesn't mean you're depressed. Consult a therapist to truly know whether or not you're depressed.+ Good luck!

Created by: Maddie

  1. Do you cry at night?
  2. Do you do drugs?
  3. Have you ever considered suicide?
  4. Do you think people you've never even met hate you?
  5. Do you have a therapist?
  6. Do you drink?
  7. Have you been told by a doctor that you're depressed/have social anxiety?
  8. Do you believe you're depressed, or are you taking this quiz just for fun?
  9. Do you see yourself as a bad person one day?
  10. Are you currently a bad person?

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Quiz topic: How Depressed am I?