how crazy are you

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ok its a questiondown there asking if you are racist. i put that there because i personally dont like racist people and i think the person crazy to judge someone because of steriotype or skin color

sorry i got all, un-fun up there, enjoy the friggin quiz. have fun, eat ice-cream and go dig a hole for a time capsule. i always wanted to do that. it seems fun

Created by: scolionophobia

  1. so, do you think you are crazy
  2. witch are you most likely to do
  3. when people try to guess your age,do they guess higher of lower than your age
  4. do you own a gun, and if you aren't old enough, would you own one if you got the change
  5. do you get things like squrrels and deer, or squid
  6. do you throw tantrums
  7. do you type bad (ex:luv,gr8)
  8. are you racist
  9. do you still watch kid shows like,teletubies
  10. do you talk like a kid.

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Quiz topic: How crazy am I