How Copley Are You?

Lets see how copley you are! How long have you lived in Copley? Do you think that you know a lot about Copley?? Maybe you would like to say you are sooo Copley, but you could totally be a cop out. So, take the quiz, and lets REALLY see how Copley you are!

I decided to create this quiz to see how Copley people really are. It doesn't matter if you played sports all through high school, it doesnt matter how long your family has lives in Copley. What matters is, do you know Copley as well as you think you do.

Created by: angie

  1. What is Arrowhead?
  2. You have ordered Rizzi's how many times?
  3. You have carved your name on a table at Rizzi's
  4. Sparkle used to be
  5. At the end of Black Pond Dr... is there a pond that is black in color?
  6. Oh Shux! was a
  7. A month before school dances, you could find every girl at....
  8. What has caught on fire more than once on Copley Rd?
  9. The large bunny sign on Copley Road represented..
  10. What was originally located behind Jims Locksmith?
  11. During Christmas time, there was a large waving santa displayed in a window...what road was this on?
  12. If there is ONE road that you KNOW not to speed on.. it is...
  13. What is the name of the church on the corner of Medina Line and Ridgewood

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Quiz topic: How Copley am I?