How cool are you

There are many 'cool' people in the world but not many with swag. What is swag I here you say, well swag is the word you call cooler people. Have fun and share plz.

Do you have swag?do you know what it takes to be a cool person like me.until now you could only wonder how cool you really are.have fun and please, please share .

Created by: Blamber

  1. Do you look at explosions?
  2. So you wear sun glasses at night
  3. How much swag do you have on a scale of 1-10
  4. What does the -------------------- say?
  5. Do you rate my quizzes?
  6. Do you like pewdiepie
  7. If you could have food or a gold ring would would it be
  8. Cat or duck
  9. Hawaii or Ibiza
  10. Brofist
  11. Do you have glasses
  12. Meme?
  13. Finally will you share and help me get this in he top 40?

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Quiz topic: How cool am I